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Kathryn Bywaters

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Kathryn Bywaters is an undergraduate Biochemistry student at California State University San Marcos near her hometown of San Diego, CA. She is currently volunteering in a laboratory at California State University San Marcos and also works at MiraCosta College as an Instructional Assistant for their physical science department and at the adult high school assisting with the biology labs. She graduated with honors from MiraCosta College where she served as academic student senator and as president of the Math Club. She enjoys traveling and has lived in St. Petersburg, Russia and the South of France. Her past MDRS experience was on Crew 42 as the crew Biologist working on a baseline study of the local halophile diversity. Her goals include conducting research in virology and she aspires to go to space. After FMARS this summer Kathryn plans to continue her studies and obtain a Ph.D. in biochemistry. Her FMARS Biology research focus will be on the permafrost layer and the zone of biological activity. She would like to give special thanks to Duane Dwyer of Strider Knives for helping supply her with all the personal gear she could possibly need for the Arctic.

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