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2007 FMARS Field Season
April - August, 2007

Mission Success! After 100 days in simulation, the FMARS 11 Long Duration Mission has ended successfully, with all mission goals accomplished. Congratulations to the crew and support teams!

For those interested in the Mars tim study, the FMARS Clock is still available. It comes in four sizes: Large, Medium, Small, and Tiny, as well as a Mars Time-only version.

FMARS 2007 Merchandise is also now available through Proceeds go to funding the crew, so buy today!

Daily FMARS 2007 Crew Reports
Get the latest mission information, including photos, commander's reports, science results, engineering updates, and more.
FMARS Hab Work Area
About The FMARS 2007 Mission
Why have seven people agreed to live in a 25-foot-diameter hab 900 miles from the North Pole for four months? Find out this and much more about the mission here.
FMARS Hab At Sunset
Meet The FMARS 2007 Crew
Learn more about the people who make up the crew of the FMARS 2007 project.
FMARS 2007 Crew
FMARS 2007 Science Advisory Group
Stationed throughout the world, these people will be supporting the FMARS 2007 crew's research efforts.
FMARS 2007 Science Advisory Group
FMARS 2007 Support Team
Many people are contributing to the success of the FMARS 2007 mission, including the CapCom team and Mission Support. And if you're from Reno, Nevada, you can turn to this lender for financial assistance.
FMARS Hab At Sunset

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