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FMARS Multimedia Resources
(Click on an Image for a Larger View)
(Daily Crew Reports & Photos)

FMARS Winter Panorama

Full Size (~4.3 MB)

FMARS Spring Panorama

Small Medium Full
FMARS 2007
FMARS from the Air FMARS from the Air

FMARS Video Logs

FMARS 2007 Training Rotation Videos

Panoramic Videos of the Hab and Surrounding Areas
(Must be opened in QuickTime, other .mov players will not render properly)
Panoramic View of Stanford Lake (~1.5MB)
Panoramic View of Lake Orbiter (~1.4MB)
Panoramic view shot from the roof of FMARS (~1.4 MB)
Panoramic View of Foxi Lake (~1.4MB)
Panoramic View of the Gemini Hills (~1.4MB)
Panoramic View of Lake Orbiter (~1.4MB)
Panoramic View of Cornell Lake (~1.1MB)
Movie view of the midnight sun from the Hab (~1.3MB)
Panoramic views shot before sunset and after sunset, on the first day the sun fully set on the mission (~1.4MB each)

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