DAY 100: Mission Success!

Hello all,

Today is DAY 100 of our simulation here at FMARS, and we’re getting ready to pack up and leave the island in just a few days… I can’t believe it’s almost over already!!

If you want to hear a 20 minute report from our last simulation day, please tune in to “Sounds like Canada” on CBC Radio 1, from 11:00 - 11:30 am (local time, everywhere across North America), Tues Aug 21 or listen LIVE online at Then, this Saturday morning Crew Engineer Ryan Kobrick will be on CBC News World, for a live TV interview.

Tomorrow the crew will do a live interactive Mars Ed event with the NASA Ames Academy, and our PCSP Principal Investigator Chris McKay will be giving a live introduction for the group on site at Ames. Also, we just got final confirmation that on Wed morning, the F-XI LDM Crew will be meeting with Astronaut Clay Anderson, who is currently in orbit aboard ISS! This will be our final “Mars Ed” Event, and an incredible way to finish off our season.

Finally, before heading to L.A. to present our results at the Mars Society conference, a few of us will be meeting with Dr. Gary Goodyear, Member of Parliament and Chair of the Canadian Space Caucus, to discuss the F-XI LDM mission and the future of space exploration in Canada.

It’s been an exciting summer! Thanks for following along, and for all your help and support along the way!


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